Maes Mynan Park – Photographs That Tell A Tale!

Maes Mynan Holiday Park has many facets, especially as it was once a sand and gravel quarry, and before that, a working farm. The local farmers always called it ‘Little Switzerland’ because of the far-reaching views of the hills, dells and woodland outcrops.

Historically, Maes Mynan, a Flintshire Hamlet that borders the county of Denbighshire, has always been an important place. It once belonged to ‘Mynan the Giant’, the last Welsh Princes of Wales, Henry VII and Henry VIII, before landing eventually with the Mostyn Lords in the mid 17th century. You can find out more about the History of Maes Mynan here. 

The Mostyn’s eventually sold the lands and old hall in 1875, as the “Arcadia of Wales, if not England”. In addition, the land where the static caravan holiday homes are located now, once belonged to Peter’s grandfather, before it passed into quarry hands.

It took over 10 years to buy the land that is now Maes Mynan Park from the previous quarry owner. Peter, since the age of 25, had a vision for the holiday park you see today. He fell in love with the kaleidoscope views all those years ago and appreciated that they would also appeal to many others, especially those who dreamt of a spectacular country retreat for their holiday home location. We hope you enjoy our Maes Mynan Park photo gallery.

Paul’s Swans at Maes Mynan Park

Bird’s Eye View of Maes Mynan Lodge Park at Development Stage

Maes Mynan Park Holiday Homeowner’s Photos

Misty Waters Holiday Park – Photo Gallery


The land on which Misty Waters Holiday Park, just off Fachallt Road in Lloc, also once belonged to the Mostyn Lords before it was sold off to tenant farmers at the beginning of the 20th century.

When the land was purchased, much of it was just green fields. There was a small touring park on part of the land and planning was in place to develop a countryside Holiday Park. This then became Peter’s development project in 2001. The office and chalets are timber framed buildings from South Africa.

Peter travelled out to the saw mill and met the owners, who then worked with us on the designs and builds, which led to the erection of the 8 chalets you see today.

Over the years we have purchased additional land and created the Oaks Touring Caravan Park and amenity field for caravan rallies and recreation.